What is Cosmetic Thread Lifting?

Looking to Lift and Tighten your Skin?

As we age, we lose bone structure and volume in the face to support the skin, and along with gravity it causes the skin to sag. The ever-changing aging process of DECENT & DEFLATION. A Cosmetic Thread Lift is an excellent non-invasive option to lift and tighten skin while stimulating collagen production with long-lasting results.

Are they Health Canada Approved?

Yes, PDO threads are Health Canada approved. Thread Lifting should only be performed by a certified Cosmetic Injector Nurse or Physician for safety and optimal results.

What Are They and How Do They Work?

They are composed of polydioxanone (PDO) dissolvable sutures which have bi-directional micro-barbs. Using a tiny cannula tube, they are gently slid just under the skin. These barbs when inserted and engaged anchor the skin in a lifted position. The sutures then create a selective inflammatory response which creates not only an instant lift but the longer-lasting benefit of natural collagen production. Over a 6-to-9-month period, the newly generated collagen forms around the suture and over time maintain the lifted position. The results continue to improve with time and may last up to two years. Treatments are quick, relatively painless and the results are immediate.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Thread Lift?

Thread lifts are a wonderful option for client between the ages of 25 and 55 optimally, the ideal client that has soft tissue still present within the face (fat tissue volume). If skin laxity is a concern along with volume loss, we would suggest having a consult with a skilled Cosmetic Injector to see if filler is needed or suggested prior to your Thread Lift or following your Thread Lift for an optimal result. The ideal client will see maximum results if they are well hydrated. Remember, the body needs to be hydrated with lots of water to build collagen. Up your water intact for about 3-5 days prior to having a Thread Lift procedure for optimal results. Optimal skincare is also a benefit to achieving the best results.

What Could I expect During and After a Thread Lift procedure?

Your skilled Cosmetic Injector will cleanse the area thoroughly, and a numbing topical cream will be applied or injected to make the procedure more comfortable.

The entire procedure takes from 20-30 minutes usually. The procedure is tolerated well and relatively painless, only some quick discomfort is usually experienced. After the procedure you will feel instantly lifted and firm and will see results immediately. Post procedure care is minimal, keeping the area clean and being gentle with facial movements for the week or so following the procedure is recommended. Tylenol or other pain reliever is usually recommended for patient comfort for a few days. Sleeping on your back is also ideal for comfort for a few days.

All clients should be presented with a follow-up appointment to ensure the Thread Lift is healing well and all is good.

Thread Lifts are a wonderful addition to your Pro-Aging journey and give beautiful results alone or when combined with great skincare with active vitamins and humectants, neurotoxins and/or dermal fillers to address all the signs of aging simultaneously to look like yourself, only better.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.


The PRFX™ Perfect Fix Skincare Team

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